Glass Mouse Skates Review: Do Superglides Improve Your Gaming Performance?


When I first encountered glass mouse skates, I thought they were a joke like many others. How can one use them effectively? However, as their popularity grew, it was clear that there was more to them. Kudos to Pulsar for marketing and branding SuperGlides — it’s real. But the key question remains: Are they really effective? Can they enhance your purpose, or can they degrade it? Different mice and mousepads significantly affect targeting characteristics, whether you’re looking for more control or a speed-focused, low-friction experience. So, what effect do glass mouse skates really have?

Superglides Improve Your Gaming Performance

Initial Impressions

Currently, I use a Logitech G Pro X Superlight on an Artisan Hey RT Otsu mouse pad, and I have no complaints about the setup. The glide is generally solid with little friction, providing enough control for my gaming needs. I’ve upgraded the stock mouse glides to PTFE glides after Corypads, which offer a slightly less frictional experience that I prefer. Superglides, however, is a completely different experience. Made of glass with a super smooth polished surface, they have no traction on the mouse pad right out of the box.

Performance Comparison

I devised an unscientific test to demonstrate the difference. On a flat desk with a mouse pad and hair dryer pushing the mice to the left, the CoreyPads mouse moves slowly, which is impressive given its 60g weight. Superglides, in contrast, had no traction or resistance, moving with little effort. This lack of feedback makes it hard to imagine their usefulness in first-person shooters where some control is necessary.

Mouse Pad Impact

The glide speed of SuperGlides is consistent across different mouse pads, unlike PTFE pads which vary significantly between slow and fast pads. This is not to say that mouse pad selection is irrelevant with SuperGlides, but the effect is less pronounced than with PTFE pads.

Mouse Pad Impact

Real-World Use

Upon installing the Superglides, I was eager to test them with the Kovacs Aim Trainer. The experience was initially terrible — my aim was all over the place, reminiscent of my first time using a gaming mouse. The lack of stopping power or friction was evident. I had to use my hand contact with the mouse pad to control and stop the mouse. In aiming scenarios that required a precise stop, it felt almost impossible due to the absence of feedback and traction.

Long-Term Adaptation

With practice and adjustment, the Superglides began to feel better. I achieved personal best scores in Kovacs, especially in tracking scenarios. However, for quick timing scenarios like “one wall six targets”, PTFE glides were still better. I didn’t reduce my sensitivity to keep the comparison fair, but doing so might help.

Another important difference with SuperGlides is that pressing the mouse into the pad doesn’t affect the glide and friction as much as it does with PTFE pads. This consistency can be beneficial or detrimental depending on your play style. I preferred the Superglides’ consistent feel, especially under tension.

Durability and Maintenance

A common question is whether the speed of superglides decreases with time. My experience showed a slight drop in glide speed after a week of heavy use, possibly due to wear or micro-scratches on the glass surface. Nevertheless, the difference was not significant.

Durability and Maintenance

Practical Considerations

SuperGlides are sensitive to moisture and mouse pad cleaning. Dirt and sweat can significantly affect friction. Pads like Artisan Hayan or Razor Strider, which resist these problems, are preferable. For general desktop use, SuperGlides are cumbersome due to constant mouse movement, making click-drags difficult.


Despite initial skepticism, I can recommend the Superglides, especially for serious FPS players and those who practice aim training. For average gamers, they may find mouse control worse due to the unfiltered nature of the glide. For those interested in seeking a unique and challenging experience, Superglides offer an exciting opportunity to improve.

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